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Estamos en una época muy muy muy mala para lo del trabajo, que os voy a contar. Hoy toca autobombo pero del bueno, por todo lo alto, así que he decidido publicar mi curriculum pero en inglés, para que me puedan entender (y apreciar mis talentos, que son muchos), en todos los países del mundo mundial.
La cosa está tan paradita en Valencia, que toca plantearse cambiar de provincia e incluso de país.

Deseadme suerte.


Ramón Ahuir Baraja
Fashion designer

D.O.B.:                February 18 1978, Valencia, Spain
Contacts:            garabcostura@gmailcom
Tel: 0034 
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2012:         San Carlos Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Diploma in Fine Arts.
2001- 05:  Union of Arts and Crafts Academy for Tailors and Couturiers (Academia del Gremio Artesano de Sastres y Modistas) in Valencia. Diploma in cut and dressmaking, pattern making, fashion history, tailor´s trade, styling …

Additional courses:
2002:         Madrid design Academy (Escuela Superior de Diseño). Master in haute couture led by Petro Valverde.
2001:         ECImage Academy, Valencia. Degree in Styling advisory.
2001:         Intensive couturier course, organized by the Valencian Comunity.
1998:         San Carlos Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. ´Batik Course´ (traditional and natural fabric dyeing), led by Vicente Mas Llorens.

Contests and prizes:
2002:         2nd prize. “Thousand and one wedding - Las mil y una bodas” bridal fair (Ifema, Madrid), Young designers contest.
2001, 02, 03 y 04: I took part in various national contests and events for young designers in Spain.

Fashion shows:
2001, 02, 03: Fashion shows for young artisan designers organized by the Union of Arts and Crafts Academy for Tailors and Couturiers (Academia del Gremio Artesanos de Sastres y Modistas) in Valencia:
2003:         Fashion show in the Theatre Olimpia, Oliva (Valencia).
2002:         Fashion show for Teva TV, Valencia.

Professional Experience:
2013sales advisor. For H&M, Colon street in Valencia (Spain)
2013chief hairdresser. Theatrical representation of Oz, the Musical.                        Design of the hair jobs for the actors. Auditorio Germanies,                       Manises (Valencia).
2013chief hairdresser. Filming of the videoclip from PEEPSHOW (boy                   band). Design of the hair jobs for the music players, the singer and the actors. Palacio Ducal, Gandía (Valencia).
2013, chief hairdresser. Phtoshoot for Intermón Oxfam.

2013, costume designing chief. Filmonig of the shortfilm La Buena Fe.
2012- 2013:       Freelance designer. “RUBIA DE CORAZÓN” (Blond in heart), an evening gown collection for spring – summer season. Exclusively for (IN)situ, Valencia.
2012. Film-making – wardrobe (styling and art direction), hairstyling and make-up for the following short films::
“Hombre blanco” (White man), directed by Mariana Pantoja.
                “Lia”, directed by Natalia Figueroa.
              “Un caballo sin nombre” (A horse without name) Teaser, directed by Julie Paola Villegas and Ruth Zapater.
2004 - 2010:      Co-founder and designer of GARAB COSTURA brand. (Oliva, Valencia), specialists in bridal and evening gown haute couture design.
2001, 02 y 03:   Co-ordinator of the Union of Arts and Crafts Academy for Tailors and Couturiers´ Fashion shows.
2003:         Participating in the ´Moda Kaos´ fashion show by Javier Albiñana.
2002:         Wardrobe design and manufacturing for the "" theatre play.
2001- 2002:       Seasonal fashion shows for "Badenes - Vera".
                  Manufacturing of the dresses, production and organization of various collections.
2001:         Design and manufacturing of the wardrobe for the Canal 9 dance ensemble.

Other experience and skills:

Extensive experience in haute couture, it´s design and manufacturing.
Specialist in corsetry, head adornments, bridal veils, purses, etc.
Experienced in cinema and fashion shows make-up and styling.
Experienced personal stylist and shopper.
Illustrator and fashion designer sketcher.
Fabric sculptor.

I´m prepared to face any kind of professional challenge, I´m able to work in team and I´m also able to lead a team of people. When working, I´m steady and patient.

Valencian:                   native
Spanish:                      native
English:                       fluent 

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